Sebastian Lexer (2013)
lecture recital presented at the Eighth Biennial International Conference on Music since 1900, 13.09.2013.

Jane Dickson, Sebastian Lexer (2013)
The Role of Virtuosity in Electroacoustic Performance
paper presented at the MuSA 2013, 25.05.2013.

Sebastian Lexer (2011)
Betrachtungen zum Instrument im Bezug zur Freien Improvisation
in Aspekte der Freien Improvisation pp. 107-110, Dieter A. Nanz (ed), Wolke Verlag, ISBN 978-3-936000-88-7

Sebastian Lexer (2010)
Piano+: An Approach towards a Performance System Used within Free Improvisation
Leonardo Music Journal, Vol 20 pp. 41-46.

Alice Eldridge, Ollie Bown, Sebastian Lexer (2006)
Behavioural Objects for Interactive and Generative Music
presented at the Improvisation and Computers IRCAM workshop, in conjunction with the NIME 06 conference.

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Continuous-Time Recurrent Neural Networks for Generative and Interactive Musical Performance
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M. Young, S. Lexer. (2003)
FFT Analysis as a CreativeTool in Live Performance
presented at the DAFx-03, Queen Mary University, London.



An interview appeared in The Wire (March 2010)
furthermore there is a small selection of recordings and statement on their web-exclusive part.

An article by Stuart Broomer in Point of Departure on new piano releases discusses the CDs 'dazwischen' and 'lost daylight'.



featuring performances by Sebastian Lexer

Sebastian Lexer / Christoph Schiller
MRCD84, matchless recordings, 2012

impossibility in its purest form
Sebastian Lexer / Eddie Prévost / Seymour Wright
MRCD82, matchless recordings, 2012

lost daylight
John Tilbury / Sebastian Lexer
at13, another timbre, 2010

Sebastian Lexer
MRCD74, matchless recordings, 2009

Sebastian Lexer / Seymour Wright
at13, another timbre, 2008

that mysterious forest below London Bridge
quartet with Ross Lambert, Sebastian Lexer, Matt Milton & Seymour Wright
MRCD70, matchless recordings, 2007

9!: none (-t)
MRCD54, matchless recordings, 2003

John Tilbury plays Samuel Beckett
John Tilbury, Christina Jones, Eddie Prévost, Sebastian Lexer
MRCD62, matchless recordings, 2005

A short duo of Sebastian Lexer and Ian Stonehouse is released on the Sonic Art Network CD created by Ben Watson Frankfurter Ahnung.

Three demo tapes and a couple of CDs were produced by the rock band VARNISH, of which I had been founding member and keyboarder from 1987-1995.
There are literally no traces available online, except one very neutral entry, which can be found here.
Scratching the Surface (Gorgon Inline, 1994)
IF (self release, 1995)