Sebastian Lexer and Seymour Wright

Sebastian Lexer and Seymour Wright have been actively involved in the London improvising scene as musicians and promoters over the past 9 years. Both players had met at Eddie Prévost’s improvisation workshop in autumn 1999 and since been collaborating within several projects involving a wide range of musicians, including the ensemble 9!, a Quintet completed by Jamie Coleman, Ross Lambert and John Lely, and collaborations with various musicians from the international music scene. In late 2006 a more focused approach was emerging as a duo.

The music resulting from this project displays a growing maturity of the approaches to improvisation which are embracing musical and extra-musical concerns and interests and become apparent in their approach to their respective instrument: the object of exploration, not necessarily to extend the range of musical expression, but to find new meaning within processes applied in the treatment of the instrument. Within this strain the acoustic properties of the instrument have been extended by means of extended techniques as well as electronically.

The electronic part fills the space between the duality and complimentary nature of their playing. There is no intent to establish the character of a computer based musician, but to generate intelligent and contingent responses akin to the acoustic properties of instruments and to allow the control through the performance on the acoustic material. The resulting music navigates within a field of potentiality, from close interactions to focus on processes, within the social, instrumental and electronic realm. On occasions the polarity is clearly outlined but ambiguities of their causalities also emerge throughout.

The presented CD has been recorded in May 2008 and the material was released by Another Timbre, Sheffield, in November 2008. Please see currently available reviews here. Review in The Wire appeared in the March 2009 issue.

Sebastian Lexer (b.1971) 
A fascination in contingency of sound has been the basis for Sebastian’s developments in extended piano techniques and a further exploration of modified sonorities derived from the acoustic piano using real-time computer processes. The resulting performance system piano+ has equally developed from a persistent interest in free improvisation and contemporary experimental music. The piano studies and continuing collaborations with John Tilbury and the association to Eddie Prévost’s improvisation workshop were influential to the development of his musical style: a musical journey through the spaces “in between”, the relationship to the instrument, sonorities and textures, musical processes, technology and most importantly: fellow musicians.
Having been active in the London as a performer and promoter of free improvised music over the past 9 years, numerous collaborations have emerged resulting in concerts and radio broadcasts in the UK, France, Germany, Hungary, Spain, and Canada.

Seymour Wright (b.1976) is a saxophone player who plays saxophone music about the saxophone - music, history and technique – actual and potential. Seymour has recently described his playing as:
enquiry into saxophonic actuality, through the potential inherent in, for instance, imagination, re-proportion, inversion, transformation, juxtaposition, construction, deconstruction, reconstruction, permutation, truncation and extension. (from ‘Acts of potential: learning future music 2008).
He grew up surrounded by jazz and improvised music and has for the last ten years been a regular participant in Eddie Prévost’s weekly workshop and currently plays in a range of groups primarily with close musical associates Jamie Coleman, Ross Lambert, John Lely, Sebastian Lexer and Eddie Prévost. His collaborative music is rooted in an interest in learning future music.